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may the force be with you!

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26 September
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  • darkghost4e@livejournal.com
I am a dark and mysterious person, but deep down, my heart is fun and free spirited ^^. Being a digital and illustrative graphics artist, as well as an animator. I have always taken a huge interest in movies, dramas, music and pretty much any kind of media. My interest in them is not only for the purpose of entertainment, but I love to geek out by critiquing, analyzing, finding flaws or even cool points in them. Doing this helps me appreciate what I'm watching or listening to, which makes it, that much MORE enjoyable!

About myself; like I kinda mentioned above, I love being in the darkness, ghosts, spirits, shadows, etc. Though my friends tell me my personality is mystifying, I can get along with pretty much anybody. (it's funny though, it seems that my personality is not as shadowy whenever I'm online... like, I become my other side whenever I 'm on the the net, haha!)

Some of my hobbies; watching jdramas, watching movies, reading fanfics, watching cartoons, cosplaying and roleplaying with my friends, learning about other cultures, listening to thunder storms, having battles and debates with my friends comparing characters from shows and or favorite idols to see who would win in a fight... I know we're a wacky bunch.. but fun! I also LUV karaoke, skating, bowling, drawing, studying dragonology, playing video games with my friends, traveling, making animations... hanging out in cyber world lol!

Some of my drama favorites include but are not limited to: Tumbling, Gokusen 1 2 & 3, Kamen Riders Kabuto, Kamen Riders Gaim, Bloody Monday 1 & 2, Crows Zero 1 & 2, Yokai Ningen Bem, Shut up flower boy band, Bad Boys J series, Bad Boys J movie, Puzzle 2008, The Five Star Tourist, SHARK, etc! ...If I think of some others I really, really like I'll expand this list!

That's all for now, I'll update and add more to this later!... well, maybe! Ne! :D


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