Can someone please write this fic :)

akame so cool.png

Hello everyone!

I'm asking anyone who will accept these prompts. To please, write an akame/hayaryu fic with a lot of angst, NC17 or up. ^^

But, a story where a timid Kame or Ryu, either or, is having a very hard life, gets bullied, trouble with gangs he owes money, or whatever... doesn't have to be that, but you get the picture... the damsel in distress kind of thing! :)

And then the fun part, Jin is the one who comes along, and rescues Kame... So yup, can someone write a an angsty fic like that? ...Please!? ^^

You can be creative and add other KAT-TUN members, Arashi, NEWS etc.... By the way, I always love a tough version of Ueda in a fic ^^

...If anyone can write this fic, please let me know in the comments section, so I can know to be on the look out! :D